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A valid web strategy must work together with the company's business strategy to pursue common business objectives. The web strategy therefore has to do with building an online presence that will support the company's business. E-comerce.

Web Strategy

A global project of online communication is achieved through the combined use of a wide range of different promotional channels and complementary.

Web Solutions

Domain Registration, Hosting, dedicated server services. Website development and restyling, Prestashop, Wordpress, Joomla, Javascript, Php, Web design, marketing online, positioning in search engines, E-Commerce, Annual Assistance (Free).

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"Appear on the network is necessary to present yourself with style is crucial"

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Develop a web strategy means then establish the online marketing objectives clear and consistent with business needs, formalizing the actions with which these will have to be pursued through the use of web marketing mix instruments.

Web Advertising

Always starting with a thorough understanding of the client company, its products and its target audience, Web Marketing Consulting plans the advertising strategy to support the web site, to consolidate the brand online and to disseminate their products and services also through adequate mix of web advertising tools: banner ads, designed to spread the brand; Campaigns "pay per click", to achieve certain geographic and demographic target or to promote special events or promotional campaigns limited in time;

Web Solutions

Website Design - SEO

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or optimizing for the search engines) is a term that refers to all those techniques and tricks regarding the construction of a web site and its content, aimed at improving the positioning on the natural search results (SERP) of the engines.

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